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Hee Cheol Cho

Obesity causes lymphatic vascular injury: time for clinical translation
Matthias Barton, Marc Husmann

Magnetic resonance imaging biomarkers of exercise‐induced improvement of oxidative stress and inflammation in the brain of old high‐fat‐fed ApoE−/− mice
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Obesity‐induced lymphatic dysfunction is reversible with weight loss
Matthew D. Nitti, Geoffrey E. Hespe, Raghu P. Kataru, Gabriela D. García Nores, Ira L. Savetsky, Jeremy S. Torrisi, Jason C. Gardenier, Andrew J. Dannenberg, Babak J. Mehrara

Effects of continuous positive airway pressure and isocapnic‐hypoxia on cerebral autoregulation in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea
Xavier Waltz, Andrew E. Beaudin, Patrick J. Hanly, Georgios D. Mitsis, Marc J. Poulin

The impacts of age and frailty on heart rate and sinoatrial node function
Motahareh Moghtadaei, Hailey J. Jansen, Martin Mackasey, Sara A. Rafferty, Oleg Bogachev, John L. Sapp, Susan E. Howlett, Robert A. Rose