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1 July - Volume 594 Issue 13

Murine startle mutant Nmf11 affects the structural stability of the glycine receptor and increases deactivation
Megan E. Wilkins, Alex Caley, Marc C. Gielen, Robert J. Harvey, Trevor G. Smart

The rat suprachiasmatic nucleus: the master clock ticks at 30 Hz
Takahiro Tsuji, Chiharu Tsuji, Mike Ludwig, Gareth Leng

The acquisition of mechano‚Äźelectrical transducer current adaptation in auditory hair cells requires myosin VI
Walter Marcotti, Laura F. Corns, Richard J. Goodyear, Agnieszka K. Rzadzinska, Karen B. Avraham, Karen P. Steel, Guy P. Richardson, Corné J. Kros

Train stimulation of parallel fibre to Purkinje cell inputs reveals two populations of synaptic responses with different receptor signatures
Suma Priya Sudarsana Devi, James R. Howe, Céline Auger


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