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15 July - Volume 595 Issue 14

Relative contributions of maternal Western‐type high fat, high sugar diets and maternal obesity to altered metabolic function in pregnancy
Elena Zambrano, Peter W. Nathanielsz

What is it about old muscles?
Walter R. Frontera

A multiscale computational modelling approach predicts mechanisms of female sex risk in the setting of arousal‐induced arrhythmias
Pei‐Chi Yang, Laura L. Perissinotti, Fernando López‐Redondo, Yibo Wang, Kevin R. DeMarco, Mao‐Tsuen Jeng, Igor Vorobyov, Robert D. Harvey, Junko Kurokawa, Sergei Y. Noskov, et al

Structure and function of human muscle fibres and muscle proteome in physically active older men
Lorenza Brocca, Jamie S. McPhee, Emanuela Longa, Monica Canepari, Olivier Seynnes, Giuseppe De Vito, Maria Antonietta Pellegrino, Marco Narici, Roberto Bottinelli

A Western‐style obesogenic diet alters maternal metabolic physiology with consequences for fetal nutrient acquisition in mice
Barbara Musial, Owen R. Vaughan, Denise S. Fernandez‐Twinn, Peter Voshol, Susan E. Ozanne, Abigail L. Fowden, Amanda N. Sferruzzi‐Perri

Light adaptation and the evolution of vertebrate photoreceptors
Ala Morshedian, Gordon L. Fain

Chemosensitive Phox2b‐expressing neurons are crucial for hypercapnic ventilatory response in the nucleus tractus solitarius
Congrui Fu, Jinyu Xue, Ri Wang, Jinting Chen, Lan Ma, Yixian Liu, Xuejiao Wang, Fang Guo, Yi Zhang, Xiangjian Zhang, et al