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The September 2017 issue contains an Introduction to the new Myths and Methodologies article type

Introduction to Myths & Methodologies series

Listen to a podcast by Mike Tiptonpodcast image


The August 2017 issue contains a viewpoint by R. Matthew Brothers

Can assessment of afferent thermal sensitivity shed light onto multiple sclerosis diagnosis and disease progression?

Listen to a podcast by R. Matthew Brotherspodcast image


The September 2016 issue contains Reports from the Symposuim:

The brain in hypoxia; curiosity, cause and consequence

Watch an introductory video slideshow by Damian M. Baileypodcast image


The August 2016 issue contains Reports from the Symposuim:

Circadian regulation of cardiovascular and kidney function

Watch an introductory video slideshow by David Pollockpodcast image


The April 2016 issue contains Reports from the Symposuim:

Gastro-Renal Communication

Watch an introductory video slideshow by Pedro Josepodcast image


The March 2016 issue contains Reports from the Symposuim:

Sex hormone effects on autonomic and endothelial function

Watch an introductory video slideshow by Nina S. Stachenfeldpodcast image


The February 2016 issue contains Reports from the Symposuim:

Sex differences in the physiology of exercise: an integrative perspective

Watch an introductory video slideshow by A William Sheel podcast image


The January 2016 issue contains Reports from the Symposium:

Skeletal muscle adaptations to endurance training: is tissue hypoxia the main signal?
Watch an introductory Video slideshow by author Robert A Jacobspodcast image


The January 2016 issue contains the 2015 GL Brown Prize Lecture:

Environmental extremes: origins, consequences and amelioration in humans

Watch the Lecture being given by Mike Tipton podcast image


Experimental Physiology sponsored a session at Physiology 2015

'Can you reproduce your data?'

Watch a video of the presentations from Gordon Drummond and Martin Michel podcast image


The November issue contains Reports from the Symposium on
Oxygen transport adaptations to exercise in native highland populations

Watch an introductory Video slideshow by contributor Tatum Simonson


The May 2015 issues contains an Overviw by Ruy Campos and Cassia Bergamaschi
The role of renal nerves in cardiovascular and renal function in normal and pathophysiological states

From a research Symposium on Renal PhysiologyWatch the video slideshow by Clive May or the article


The April 2015 issues contains an Overview by Susan Pyner
The heart is lost without the brain – the autonomic perspective
From a symposium held at The Physiological Society meeting in London, 2nd July 2015
Watch the video slideshow or the article


The February 2015 issues contains an Overviw by Rodrigo del Rio
‘The role of chemoreceptors during pathophysiology: from experimental models to the clinical perspective’
From a symposium held at The first Pan American congress of physiological sciences Physiology without Borders
Iguassu Falls, Brazil in August 2014
Watch the video slideshow or the article


The January 2015 issue contains a Viewpoint by Mike White Genes count: attenuated cerebral vasodilator capacity in young African Americans
Watch the video slideshow or the article


The December 2014 issue contains the symposium Novel regulatory mechanisms in muscle metabolism during exercise
Listen to an introduction by Eric Richter the article


The October 2014 issue contains the 2014 GL Brown Prize Lecture ‘Calcium in the heart: from physiology to disease’
Watch the Lecture being given by David Eisner or read the article


The September 2014 issue contains the symposium Physiological and pathophysiological signalling between the gut and the kidney: role in diabetic kidney disease
Listen to an introduction by Neil Docherty or read the article


The April 2014 issue contains the symposium Contributions of skeletal muscle myopathy to heart failure: Novel mechanisms and therapies

Listen to an introduction by Mark Chapleau or read the article


The March 2014 issue contains the symposium Myometrial physiology – time to translate?

Listen to an introduction by Sue Wray or read the article


The January 2014 issue contains the symposium The hypothalamic–neurohypophysial system: genomes, genes and genetics.
Listen to an introduction by Stephen Lolait or read the article


The November 2013 issue contains the symposium The neuroendocrine regulation of the mammalian reproductive axis.
Listen to an introduction by William Colledge or read the article


The August 2013 issue contains the symposium Hypoxic pulmonary hypertension: mechanisms of pulmonary vascular change and their effect on the right ventricle.
Listen to an introduction by Jeremy Ward. or read the article.


The March 2013 issue contains the symposium Advancing our understanding of the pathophysiology of cardiac disease using in vivo assessment of heart structure and function in rodent models.
Listen to an introduction by Christopher Loughrey and Dr Gillian Gray or read the article.


Editor-in-Chief, Paul McLoughlin, talks abouts the advantages of online publishing and his plans for Experimental Physiology


Listen to the Video slideshow or Read the Article


Jim Deuchars gave this year's GL Brown Lecture on 'The Wonders of the Wanderer'.
Listen to 'The Wanderer' or Read the Lecture Article with vagus nerve related lyrics


Listen to EP author Hugh Montgomery on Radio 4's The Life Scientific
Read his Review article on human performance in the hypoxic mountain environment.


Jere Mitchell gave this year's Paton Lecture at Physiology 2012 on Neural Circulatory Control during Exercise: Early Insights
Watch the Video or Read the Lecture Article
Coming soon as a published Lecture Article in Experimental Physiology.


Diane Lipscome gave this year's Joan Mott Prize Lecture on 'G proteins inhibit neuronal calcium ion channels'
Watch the Video
Coming soon as a published Lecture article in Experimental Physiology.


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October - Volume 102 Issue 10

Circulating leucocytes perpetuate stroke-induced aortic dysfunction

Shinichi Asano, Grant C. O'Connell, Kent C. Lemaster, Evan R. DeVallance, Kayla W. Branyan, James W. Simpkins, Jefferson C. Frisbee,
Taura L. Barr, Paul D. Chantler

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Experimental Biology joint virtual issue 2017

Joint Virtual Issue - Experimental Biology 2017

Reflecting the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of life science research, this collection brings together articles published in the journals of the Biochemical Society, the British Pharmacological Society, ASPET and The Physiological Society. Key topics highlighted include neurobiology, gastrointestinal biology, obesity, nutrition, and epigenetics.

All articles are free to read until 31 May. We hope you enjoy our collection!


The repair Schwann cell and its function in regenerating nerves
The Journal of Physiology | K. R. Jessen & R. Mirsky | 10.1113/JP270874

What do we really know about newborn infant pain?
Experimental Physiology | Maria Fitzgerald | 10.1113/EP085134

Retrograde apoptotic signaling by the p75 neurotrophin receptor
Neuronal Signaling | Amrita Pathak & Bruce D. Carter  | 10.1042/NS20160007

Extracellular matrix inflammation in vascular cognitive impairment and dementia
Clinical Science | Gary A. Rosenberg | 10.1042/CS20160604

Ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolase L1 (UCH-L1): structure, distribution and roles in brain function and dysfunction
Biochemical Journal | Paul Bishop et al | 10.1042/BCJ20160082

Relaxin’ the brain: a case for targeting the nucleus incertus network and relaxin-3/RXFP3 system in neuropsychiatric disorders
British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology | Jigna Rajesh Kumar et al | 10.1111/bph.13564

Pharmacological comparison of a nonhuman primate and a rat model of oxaliplatin-induced neuropathic cold hypersensitivity
Pharmacology Research & Perspectives |Yuka Shidahara et al | 10.1002/prp2.216

Gastrointestinal biology

Endogenous and exogenous control of gastrointestinal epithelial function: building on the legacy of Bayliss and Starling
The Journal of Physiology | Kim E. Barrett | 10.1113/JP272227

Leptin modifies the prosecretory and prokinetic effects of the inflammatory cytokine interleukin-6 on colonic function in Sprague–Dawley rats
Experimental Physiology | Maria M. Buckleyet al | 10.1113/EP085917

Gastrointestinal transport of calcium and glucose in lactating ewes
Physiological Reports | Stefanie Klinger et al | 10.14814/phy2.12817

Foxa2 and Hif1ab regulate maturation of intestinal goblet cells by modulating agr2 expression in zebrafish embryos
Biochemical Journal | Yun-Ren Lai et al| 10.1042/BCJ20160392

Age-associated modifications of intestinal permeability and innate immunity in human small intestine
Clinical Science | Angela L. Mani et al|10.1042/CS20150046

Prescription behavior for gastroprotective drugs in new users as a result of communications regarding clopidogrel – proton pump inhibitor interaction
Pharmacology Research & Perspectives | Willemien J. Kruik-Kollöffel et al| 10.1002/prp2.242

Octreotide s.c. depot provides sustained octreotide bioavailability and similar IGF-1 suppression to octreotide LAR in healthy volunteers
British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology | F Tiberg et al| 10.1111/bcp.12698

Hydrogen sulphide protects against NSAID-enteropathy through modulation of bile and the microbiota
British Journal of Pharmocology |RW Blackler et al| 10.1111/bph.12961


Resveratrol supplementation of high-fat diet-fed pregnant mice promotes brown and beige adipocyte development and prevents obesity in male offspring
The Journal of Physiology | Tiande Zou et al | 10.1113/JP273478

Oxidative stress and immunosenescence in spleen of obese mice can be reversed by 2-hydroxyoleic acid
Experimental Physiology | Alina Gheorghe et al | 10.1113/EP086157

Similar degrees of obesity induced by diet or aging cause strikingly different immunologic and metabolic outcomes
Physiological Reports | Kanthi B. Krishna at al | 0.14814/phy2.12708

Energy balalance, body composition, sedentariness and appetite regulation: pathways to obesity
Clinical Sciences | Mark Hopkins et al | 10.1042/CS20160006

New insight on obesity and adipose-derived stem cells using comprehensive metabolomics
Biochemical Journal |Annalaura Mastrangelo at al | 10.1042/BCJ20160241

A selective GPR40 (FFAR1) agonist LY2881835 provides immediate and durable glucose control in rodent models of type 2 diabetes
Pharmacology Research & Perspectives | Yanyun Chen et al | 10.1002/prp2.278

The effectiveness of pharmaceutical interventions for obesity: weight loss with orlistat and sibutramine in a United Kingdom population-based cohort
British Journal of Clinical Pharmocology | IJ Douglas et al | 10.1111/bcp.12578

Sodium butyrate epigenetically modulates high-fat diet-induced skeletal muscle mitochondrial adaptation, obesity and insulin resistance through nucleosome positioning
British Journal of Pharmocology | TM Henagan at al | 10.1111/bph.13058


Low carbohydrate, high fat diet impairs exercise economy and negates the performance benefit from intensified training in elite race walkers
The Journal of Physiology | Louise M. Burke et al | 10.1113/JP273230

Long term dietary quercetin enrichment as a cardioprotective countermeasure in mdx mice
Experimental Physiology | Christopher Ballmannl et al | 10.1113/EP086091

Undernutrition in pregnancy in mice leads to dysfunctional cardiac muscle respiration in adult offspring
Bioscience Reports |Brittany Beauchamp et al | 10.1042/BSR20150007

Blood triacylglycerols: a lipidomic window on diet and disease
Biochemical Society Transactions | Francis Saunders et al | 10.1042/BST20150235

The potential health effects of dietary phytoestrogens
British Journal of Pharmocology | Ivonne M C M Rietjens at al | 10.1111/bph.13622

Mediterranean diet, dietary polyphenols and low grade inflammation: results from the MOLI-SANI study
British Journal of Clinical Pharmocology |Marialaura Bonaccio at al | 10.1111/bcp.12924


Late gestational intermittent hypoxia induces metabolic and epigenetic changes in male adult offspring mice
The Journal of Physiology |Abdelnaby Khalyfa et al | 10.1113/JP273570

Multigenerational effects of fetal-neonatal iron deficiency on hippocampal BDNF signaling
Physiological Reports | Mariah B. Blegen et al | 10.1002/phy2.96

Epigenetic inheritance of proteostasis and ageing
Essays in Biochemistry | Cheryl Li & Olivia Casanueva | 10.1042/EBC20160025

Epigenetic regulation of skeletal muscle metabolism
Clinical Science | Kirsten F Howlet &, Sean L McGee | 10.1042/CS20160115

A saga of cancer epigenetics: linking epigenetics to alternative splicing
Biochemical Journal| Sathiya Pandi Narayanan et al | 10.1042/BCJ20160147

Downregulation of the Ca2+-activated K+ channel KCa3.1 by histone deacetylase inhibition in human breast cancer cells
Pharmacology Research & Perspectivesl | Susumu Ohya et al | 10.1002/prp2.228

Therapeutic perspectives of epigenetically active nutrients
British Journal of Pharmocology | M Remely et al | 10.1111/bph.12854