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Volume 595, Issue 3

  • 1 February 2017
  • Pages 599–999
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1 March - Volume 595 Issue 5

Chloride goes through TMEM16A channels with permission from Ca2+ and encouragement from protons
Francisco V. Sepúlveda

Increasing pulmonary blood flow at birth: the nerve of the baby
Noah H. Hillman

Diet‐induced dysmotility and neuropathy in the gut precedes endotoxaemia and metabolic syndrome: the chicken and the egg revisited
Yvonne Elikplim Akua Nyavor, Onesmo Begira Balemba

Breaking the cycle of intergenerational obesity
Catherine E. Aiken, Susan E. Ozanne

Extracellular protons enable activation of the calcium‐dependent chloride channel TMEM16A
Silvia Cruz‐Rangel, José J. De Jesús‐Pérez, Iván A. Aréchiga‐Figueroa, Aldo A. Rodríguez‐Menchaca, Patricia Pérez‐Cornejo, H. Criss Hartzell, Jorge Arreola

Resveratrol supplementation of high‐fat diet‐fed pregnant mice promotes brown and beige adipocyte development and prevents obesity in male offspring
Tiande Zou, Daiwen Chen, Qiyuan Yang, Bo Wang, Mei‐Jun Zhu, Peter W. Nathanielsz, Min Du

Vagal denervation inhibits the increase in pulmonary blood flow during partial lung aeration at birth
Justin A. R. Lang, James T. Pearson, Corinna Binder‐Heschl, Megan J. Wallace, Melissa L. Siew, Marcus J. Kitchen, Arjan B. te Pas, Robert A. Lewis, Graeme R. Polglase, Mikiyasu Shirai, et al

A unifying hypothesis for M1 muscarinic receptor signalling in pyramidal neurons
Sameera Dasari, Corey Hill, Allan T. Gulledge

Western diet induces colonic nitrergic myenteric neuropathy and dysmotility in mice via saturated fatty acid‐ and lipopolysaccharide‐induced TLR4 signalling
François Reichardt, Benoit Chassaing, Behtash Ghazi Nezami, Ge Li, Sahar Tabatabavakili, Simon Mwangi, Karan Uppal, Bill Liang, Matam Vijay‐Kumar, Dean Jones, et al