Michael J Rennie - Commemorative issue

Michael J Rennie

Last Updated: 14 February 2017

Professor Mike Rennie died suddenly in his sleep on Jan 9th 2017, although he had not been well for some time. He was 70. He was born in Newcastle in 1946, Educated at Newcastle’s Royal Grammar School, took his first degree in Biological Chemistry/Zoology, at Hull in 1968, followed by a MSc in Neurochemistry at Manchester (1970) and a PhD with Dr R. H. Johnson at the University of Glasgow in 1973.  Mike’s overriding interest was in skeletal muscle, its response to exercise, and the regulation of its protein content in ageing, health and disease. His published scientific work was influential throughout his career, with cited papers first appearing in 1974, achieving annual citations of 100 by 1979 and increasing to in excess of 900 in 2016. His most cited publications (i.e. with citations in excess of his H-number 70), include publications from as early as 1976 to 2013. Mike published 33 articles in the Journal of Physiology, which are compiled here in this e-edition. Of his 22 original, full papers, 12 have received >100 citations. For those who knew him well, Mike was a loyal, kind and generous friend whose company, intellect and advice will be sorely missed. Mike is survived by his wife, Anne, and their three children and five grandchildren.
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15 August - Volume 595 Issue 16

Paving the way for Bartter syndrome type 3 drug discovery: a hope from basic research
Paola Imbrici, Diana Conte, Antonella Liantonio

The eyes and vision of butterflies
Kentaro Arikawa

Endothelial mechanotransduction proteins and vascular function are altered by dietary sucrose supplementation in healthy young male subjects
Lasse Gliemann, Nicolai Rytter, Mads Lindskrog, Martina H. Lundberg Slingsby, Thorbjörn Åkerström, Lykke Sylow, Erik A. Richter, Ylva Hellsten

Functional severity of CLCNKB mutations correlates with phenotypes in patients with classic Bartter's syndrome
Chih‐Jen Cheng, Yi‐Fen Lo, Jen‐Chi Chen, Chou‐Long Huang, Shih‐Hua Lin

Sensory feedback from the urethra evokes state‐dependent lower urinary tract reflexes in rat
Zachary C. Danziger, Warren M. Grill